Weddings are amazing celebrations, consists of blocks of a great existence – love, laughter and new families. Wedding photography could be informal, creative and fun. There aren't any limits on how long a photographer should be there or any awkward poses. It should be a fun day for a couple on their wedding day so I can photograph their moments. The day is your day to feel awesome in front of the camera and your wedding guests.
Why do I do it?
From my childhood I was dreaming to hold a camera and become a photographer. My father wasn't keen on my idea, however, he allowed me to use his film camera and take some portraits of him or my family. I bought my first film camera when I moved to London and started documenting landscapes and friends. I carried my dreams with me for so many years until one day in 2011, I decided to do something for myself and do what I dreamt to do for so long. It was a massive change in my personal and professional life. Just believed in my dream to take my photography further and step up my skills. I started with travelling and street photography, then I realised I become more people's photographer than any other types of photography. I love connecting with people to capture their emotion and freeze their moments. 

Documenting the most fabulous, happiest moments that fulfil with love and compassion in a wedding is the most part of my photography.
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