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The Universe Game - IMDB

is a short film directed by Alireza Sadreddini, Produced by Matthew Critchfield

SADRED FILMS in association with London Film Networks

The film is a 15 minute light comedy with an art-house aesthetic and deep philosophical ideas. Based around the character of Juraj, an elderly Russian gentleman who has fallen on hard times, the film explores his unique philosophy to life with a few comic touches.

Plot outline

"It's a little game the Universe and I Play"

Juraj, despite his poverty, believes that if he appreciates every moment in his life, then life will in return provide him with everything he requires. In a restaurant he eats a fine meal and then; having no money, offers to wash the dishes as payment for the meal he has enjoyed. When the manager reluctantly agrees to this, he is surprised to find that Juraj does the job as effectively as three people, and offers him a permanent job - but Juraj refuses the offer, stating that he wouldn't like to live a routine life and trusts the generosity of the universe.

The film then follows Juraj at a second restaurant where he meets Alexandra, a Russian woman. Despite again not having any money, Juraj invites her to eat with him, quietly confident that the universe will provide a solution to the predicament he has placed them both in...

Stills by Kamal Mostofi