When an English man meets a Lithuanian woman

It is very difficult to find time and write a blog or news these days.

on 12th June 2015, I photograph Marija and Ricky's wedding. Maria is from Lithuania and she is the big sister to Monika Šalčiūtė, whom is a tv celebrity in Lithuania.

Monika booked me to cover the wedding as her tv crew were following her steps during the day and evening.

A day of tears and joy.

It was a great day and enjoyed every second of it. Marija (Bride) and Ricky (Groom) were so kind and caring that they asked my team (Zydre Zilinskaite - mua and myself) to join the celebration dinner.

Monika Šalčiūtė also were very warm and friendly that took care of my team and myself during the day and night.

I am sharing some of the images here that published in 3 Lithuanian news, Žmonės, Delfi, TV3