Guest Speaker at London College of Contemporary Art

Photography Industry Insight

For 2014, I had so many goals to acheive and never thought I would end the year by being a guest speaker at London College of Contemporary Art.

When I was contacted by Carmen (Career Manager of LCCA), I was speechless for few mintues. I asked Carmen why I was chosen by LCCA as a speaker and she replied "We have chosen to collaborate with you, due to your great work as a Photographer who has also received the status of Associate member of ASWPP and due to great testimonial from your clients.
I am sure that you will be an inspiration for our students."

I am honoured to stand and talk about photography industry to fellow tallented students.

  • Launching a career in photography
  • How it is to work in photography industry?
  • What challenges are there?
  • Useful tips and advice for students.

I am excited to meet all the students and get to know them. It is a good event to say goodbye to the year 2014.