What is your dream?


I sat on the train at Waterloo station to go to Esher to meet Mandy at the wedding show. I was early and were looking at people on the platform. I felt like a 10 years old boy whom stared at people with a smile.

A father hold his child, smiled at his wife, hold her hand to leave the platform.

A couple arranged the buggy for their twin children, sort out their hair and cloth, say cheers and few flashes from the camera capture the moments of their happiness.

A woman argued with a man, I am not sure if they were a pair or siblings. I wonder what it was going through their mind and life to be so angry.

A group of people wearing NFL top and heading towards the Wembley stadium to watch the game. Some were excited and some didn't care. You could tell from their body language. Some of them glared at me!

There were some angry people, some happy and some optimistics... the list goes on!

My train left on time and I thought how wonderful is to be at the train station and watch people. They inspire me with love, peace and life.

While I was starring at people, I noticed many that looked very worried. I was wondering what was in their mind. I wanted to reach out to their thought.

Two girls sat opposite me listening to their music. One was browsing other passengers and the other was in a very deep thought. It seems she was travelling in her dream with some worries. I was so eager to know what are her dreams, what she would do to reach to her dream.

What is your dream?

What do you do to make your dream comes true?

Would you sit and wait for your dream knock on your door?