A photograph is an investment ....

You read it correctly.

A photography is more valuable than a car, an expensive shoes or a dress. A portrait of yourself, or your love ones is a portrait of your past. A wedding picture is captured by a photographer to freeze the most beautiful moments of your life.

Imagine to have a photo book from your maternity, follow up with another photo book to celebrate your child's first birthday that captured by a photographer that stays forever for you to look back to the past. 

Yes, we are time traveller!  We can travel to our past by a photograph. Your memory fades away but your photograph doesn't. 

These are the facts of life!

Don't devalue a photo that was taken by a professional photographer. I am not talking about big photography studios that franchised their brands. I am focusing on professional freelance photographers. They do invest so much to become who they are today.

photos are investment that has its own value in future. We as a human spend so much money in other luxuries, which fades away from our life but a photo stays with you forever.
— Kamal Mostofi