A great Saturday afternoon with Renee Robyn

Some times the universe change your day without any expectation. 


Saturday morning on 16/11/2013, I woke up and still in my bed thinking of my days ahead. I know it sounds sad but I logged in to my Facebook to check what my other friends doing and have been up to. 

A friend of mine tagged me on Renee Robyn status. Renee was looking for a studio to do a shoot on Saturday as her initial studio was double booked. I responded to her request and didn't expect any reply from Renee. 

30 minutes later, she messaged me and asked to do the shoot in my studio. I was smiling to meet someone who is so creative. We arranged to meet at 3 in my studio. 

Renee arrived on time with Nicholas Burman-Vince. Nicholas is a writer and an actor. He is a very friendly and respectful man.

 I cannot say much about the session but it was great to meet two great people and artists.

Renee Robyn is a very down to earth, friendly, kind and lovely person. She is a very positive person.

Renee, you are one of the many people that made it possible and fought all odds in your life to reach where you are now. You changed impossible to I'm possible.

I hope to meet you soon. :-)

ps. I look tired after one week of heavy photo shoot. 

Kamal Mostofi_Renee Robyn_Nicholas Vince.jpg