Slowly getting there

I am not good at writing but I decided to start my photography blog. I started from the date that I decided to change my life and follow my passion in 2011. It makes me feel like flying when I am in touch with my passion and soul. It drives me to another horizon of this world that makes me relax and creative.

I changed my hobby to a profession in 2011 after spending two weeks with an old friend of mine whom is a great actress and a professional photographer. She turned on my passion and showed me the path of happiness. Every time I achieve something, I remember her and thank her in her absence that I understand why you were part of my life from far away for more than 10 years.

I still have a long way to go to learn the skills of the art of photography. But I believe that I can do it as long as I follow it as a passion of art.

From street photography to fine arts, from portraits to wedding, from food photography to still life.... I enjoy every capture of the moments.