The cost of your photography is based on a sliding scale; the more images you have the less you'll pay. For basic product and jewellery photography shot, you'll pay as little as £5.99 when ordering 100+ images. Please contact us to get a quote.

Please note there's a minimum charge of £79 per order

Group shot prices can vary depending on the number of products in the shot. As a general guide, add 30% to the simple product photography prices.

Clothing Photography


Cost per Garment: £17.00 

Detail shots of same item: £5.00 - Use this for if you require a shot that focuses on a particular feature of the item i.e. logo, labels. The items are shot on a mannequin. 


Cost per Garment: £22.00
Detail shots of same item: £5.00

By far the most popular way of presenting your garment is the "invisible-mannequin" option. The clothing is hand styled and then photographed on a mannequin. By composing multiple images we are able to reveal the interior of the garment. This gives the garment form and shape.


Cost per Garment: £15.00

We can also shoot your garments flat. Your garments are positioned on a white board and carefully styled to ensure the fabric has movement and form.

*If you'd like to discuss your project in more details please contact me.

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